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Corporate Intranets are the core of internal collaboration and partner intergatiom. Complete Overhaul of the international Intranet


Rexroth is and part of the Bosch family and structural giant  with worldwide subsidiaries that provides powerful solutions for factory automation, mobile applications, machinery applications and engineering. More than 32,300 employees worldwide work on safe, efficient, intelligent and powerful technical solutions. They help in the economical production of small batch sizes, or to save energy. They are your partner for machines and plants - if you are in that kind of business.


Working togther with the global marketing team we first analyzed the structure and quality of the existing content and material as well as the systems in use worldwide. We then moved on to interview the people working with the different platforms in use to learn about current positive points as well as shortcomings of the existing platforms. We also uncovered actual needs that that were not addressed at all or inconveniently spread over to many different solutions to make sense.

From that starting point we also looked at internal needs of the information. We worked with the communication, sales and service departments to learn about their needs. From that we derived a strategy on how the new platform would help both sides to communicate and collaborate better in the future.


We replaced the legacy system with a modern portal platform. We integrated content and user management of all international subsidiaries replacing their individual systems and enabling international communication and collaboration while reducing workload for local teams. We enabled giving out more accurate and timely information to the people in the field. Today the platform is in place and additional tools and integrations with internal systems are being built to provide even better customer and partner support.


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