Product Design

Building the future of legal services

The journey to a better legal service is hard and highly regulated. An excellent challenge.


Justix wants to build the future of legal services. In this project we challenged the current conditions of how legal advice and services generally are provided together. Currently, these types of services are strongly regulated letting few players in the market gain most of the profits based on time spent, size of the case or claimed value as well as the reputation of the law firm involved. Most cases that need legal advice on the SMB level and in the startup world don't fit into the old system. These companies usually need basic, verified legal information 24/7 not whenever law firms decide to pick up the phone. If these customers really need a lawyer, it has to be a specialist that is hard to find due to the systems in place, and he needs to work fast and efficient.


Before building the platform that will disrupt legal services in Europe. Justix needed to investigate the classic questions of who do they create their product for and what would help these groups of people enough to make them pay for it. Going through the lean startup method helped them to align the freshly built team around some ideas and gave them  a first impression on how to present their new services in the following validation. Today the platform is live in the Netherlands and provides content, digital tools as well as on demand access to legal advice 24/7 in labor law, family law, travel law, tenant law and more.


HelloLaw has helped +100,000 people with digital legal services. They have built and maintain a network of more than 500 lawyers and their in house team of legal advisors and lawyers in place. They connect all this with state-of-the-art call center and internet service technology to provide exactly what their customers need whenever they need it.Their mission is to make legal simple & easy by smart use of technology, and they will expand their services into other European countries soon.


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