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Lead a Digital Transformation Journey

In this transformation journey the team learned first hand what it means to build a research, ideate and prototype in just three months.


Helaba embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey, starting in 2016 to provide a comprehensive digital communication channel for customers that simplified access to existing digital services and interfaces with one well designed user experience. Information for customers needed to be unified into an always-available, on-demand resource.


Helaba understands that it is only possible to develop new ways of doing things and disrupt existing internal structures and routines through projects that operate in accordance with agile methodology, which means first and foremost projects that have a product owner. We identified product owners within Helaba in the first wave, assembled new interdisciplinary teams around them and involved our colleagues from IT from the outset, eventually creating a whole new ecosystem. This has created completely new opportunities for team members to bring their input to bear.

Helaba now has a methodology that enables people to appreciate the pleasure, value and broader purpose of their efforts. Fostering and promoting this aspect was part of my job. I support the bank and specifically the teams within in their effort to develop. Team members are working with astounding commitment.

Helaba offers its major customers in the real estate and corporate customer sectors modern digital customer portals, which provide intuitive 360° view of the existing business relationship via intuitive dashboards. In addition to informative overviews, the customer portals can be used to exchange documents, information and data. "A shared secure data room, which also enables complete documentation of our business activities with our real estate clients, is a significant gain for all  involved," says Christian Schmid, Helaba's designated member of the Management Board for the real estate business. In addition, with the real estate customer portal, it is already possible in the initial version to process the initial transaction through to the completion of the transaction via the portal.


We were working on the implementation of a customer portal with two teams for two different customer groups and their specific needs: customers in corporate and real estate. In the real estate financing process, for example, transparency is a very  important issue: customers want to know where they stand, why things are taking so long and what happens next. Customers would like to be able to see at a glance how far along they are in the process, who needs to do what next, where the onus is on them and where it is on the bank. The process remains opaque to them without this information. Our portal removes the mystery."With this digital service, we offer real added value for our customers. Because we have consistently oriented ourselves towards their needs for simple, fast and transparent processes"Dr. med. Norbert Schraad, member of the Executive Board of Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen, responsible for corporate banking.


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