Design for Airport Multichannel Experience

An airport is so much more than just catching a plane. We created a unified information and commerce platform for visitors, tenants and partners of the Frankfurt Airport


Fraport is manages multiple Airports worldwide - Frankfurt Airport is one of them. With an annual passenger count of 61 million it is by far the largest airport in Germany, the second-largest in Europe and a good eleven in the world. As a comparison: the passenger volume surpasses the combined population of Canada and Australia - every year.

Fraport is managing the entire airport: flight operations, real estate, parking space management, media placements and also digital assets such as Wi-Fi hotspots, iBeacons, information and guidance systems as well as passenger data. Fraport determines departure and arrival gates, controls passenger flow, security areas. With about 200,000 people at the airport every day – it is Germany’s largest mall with attached airport. That mall earns a major revenue share.

The challenge offered was to help unite all products and services in one information and commerce platform.


The new one-source platform offers passengers a variety of useful options for planning travel in advance and during the trip itself. They can plan online and offline shopping knowing exactly how much time they have left at the airport to use the Frankfurt Airport services.

This significantly reduces anxiety for passengers and increases the window for shopping, dining or other activities at the airport converting waiting time to quality time. For retailers, the platform represents an additional marketplace that shows their location and offerings at the customer’s fingertips and makes all products available within no more than 45 minutes.


Passengers today receive most current information concerning all aspects of the airport experience with the same quality and speed no matter where they are in the world. With 35 Integrated information systems, massively reducing workload we have not only created value on the consumer as well as making positive change in the day to day work of our customer: Fraport employees.

Employees today have to maintain fewer data services and can concentrate on refining, curating and orchestrating the information and its connection with other sources of information displayed on a plethora of devices and information systems all over the airport and beyond. The data collected with these devices is then analyzed to continuously improve the airport experience in the digital as well as the physical space and provide better services or come up with new offerings.


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