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Hands-on problem solving by design. For you and your team.

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Benefit from the power of design tools

Teams know how to solve their problems.

Your teams can solve their problems. But sometimes a day does not have enough hours to fit everything that demands your attention. It really is not easy to meet all your obligations in the day-to-day and still solve that nagging problem in the back of your head that you just can't make time for.

Often, as an internal team you may just find it hard to forge solutions while looking at the problem from within the processes that created it in the first place. All you need is a fresh mind that helps you break the cycle.
With SOLVE I offer a fresh eye and my problem-solving skills with a heavy emphasis on speed. The different programs I have put together are generally a combination of consulting and facilitation formats that involve the existing product team but unload some of the heavy lifting in the design process from them so they can keep working in their existing capacity while working on solving a new problem at the same time.

The reason why I am involved as a designer typically is connected to a problem with an existing product, the need to extend or transform it or otherwise change something about an existing offering or situation. While I love to help with my external expertise I insist on doing this together! All team members in these programs will learn new methods, tools, and techniques for problem-solving by applying them directly in the project. They will benefit in their day-to-day work.
Each of these programs make the most sense in a real project or product development environment and will be tailored to your topic. If you are on your journey already, I also offer to coach teams in each of the phases. Do you need help with your individual creative challenge? Please get in touch to learn more about each of the programs and how to shift gears between the phases.

Story Mapping

This two-day workshop guides a team in the transformation process from ideation to production. The method developed by Jeff Patton is a unique tool that works as the aligning element in agile software development.

Design Sprint

I offer my expertise as a design facilitator in your 5-day Design Sprint an intensive, highly-structured innovation cycle. Teams deep dive into a specific topic by designing, prototyping, testing, and validating with end users.

Experimentation Program

This 3 month corporate experimentation program will prevent you from wasting time and resources on solutions your customers don't need. Rapid experimentation enables you to observe the jobs your customers need to be done, introduce solutions, and analyze their reaction - all without bias.

Design Accelerator

In this 2 month accelerator program guides your in-house startup from idea to pitch to Increase your chances of success. It is a program to develop, test, and grow new business ideas outside of your organizational constraints. The team develops new business opportunities and a set of new tools.

Do you also need help with other creative challenges? Please get in touch to learn more about GROW for making design thinking real or CREATE for (re)igniting creative confidence in your company.