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With GROW I support teams to learn new tools and techniques and assist them in their efforts to apply their newly acquired knowledge within their company structure. I also aim at executives that have to create the right environments that make these changes possible. When we are talking about the different aspects of applying design in business, people always look to startups and big tech companies and try to emulate what they are doing - this is wrong. Instead, together with your team I will focus on bringing the implementation of the right design tools to fruition that are suitable specifically in your company.
Each of these programs make the most sense in a real project or product development environment. They will be tailored to your topic and structure of participants.

If you are on your journey already, I also offer to coach teams in each of the phases from inception to product. Do you need help with your individual creative challenge? Please get in touch to learn more about each of the programs and how to shift gears between the phases.
There are literally thousands of ways to learn new skills but many of them lack practical applicability in your specific business environment.

People come back from conferences, workshops and certification courses with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm but then collide with the existing ways of working and a lack of interest in change in general. Like the often heard "Agile is great but it doesn't work here" mantra.

Design Leadership

In this ongoing coaching program I help leaders to explore new mindsets around smarter and faster decision making, mobilizing teams around business priorities; increasing transparency and information sharing; engaging and retaining top talent as well as leveraging digital technology.

Brand Sprint

Your  brand is a strategic asset that should be rooted in your vision and culture. It needs to be reflected in all your products and services. In this highly structured 2-day format we will establish leadership alignment and lay the foundation for your unique brand qualities - together.

Strategic Design

A 1-day training session for executives to learn what it takes to enable innovation and accelerate growth by understanding what your teams are going through and how to support them. As a participant you will learn to identify the factors and conditions you can provide to allow your product teams to thrive.

Team Acceleration

In this 8-week program I work embedded, side-by-side with the product team and help them to solve business problems as well as using faster, more collaborative ways of working. This includes best practice tools for project management, simplifying communication and information sharing and more.

Do you also need help with other creative challenges? Please get in touch to learn more about SOLVE for hands-on problem solving or CREATE for (re)igniting creative confidence in your company.