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With CREATE I bring the confidence to create new products and services for humans back for executives as well as their whole team. In these formats we follow the natural progression of building a new product or company from scratch. While we are on this journey, we will apply the principles of design thinking to learn what problems are worth solving and how they can be solved ideally with your team and the resources you already have. I will show you the value that comes from striving for greatness in design.
Each of these programs make the most sense in a real project or product development environment. They will be tailored to your topic and structure of participants.

If you are on your journey already, I also offer to coach teams in each of the phases from inception to product implementation. Do you need help with your individual creative challenge? Please get in touch to learn more about each of the programs and how to shift gears between the phases.
Successful companies are doing well operating the existing business model by optimizing supply chains, production, and work efficiency to satisfy shareholder value. The product sensibilities and the product design genius over time are worked out of people running the company.

The problem often is: They have forgotten how to create new, exciting products and services. Creative confidence needs to be (re)ignited. That's where I come in.

Design Thinking for Teams

The 1 to 4 week design thinking training program is tailored to your specific needs. It is designed to bring tools and techniques of the Design Thinking approach to your team.

Lean Startup Leaders

In my  4-day Lean Startup training program I have converted the insights I found in the books of Eric Ries and Steve Blank into structured, actionable tools for your project.

Business Model Design

This 2week business model innovation program will help you to quickly create business models that work and value propositions that sel

Design in Agile

Learn in 3-days how to integrate as a design team with agile methods of your development team. Merge human centered design benefits with the gains of rapid iterations in agile development.

Do you also need help with other creative challenges? Please get in touch to learn more about GROW for making design thinking real or SOLVE for hands-on problem solving in your company.