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Do you want to thrive in todays complexity and ambiguity? I'll show you how.

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new products and services with digital strategy and systematic innovation to get ready for your digital future

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a learning organization or team that creates better products and services while cultivating resilience with lean and agile methods

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specific problems in your current product rapidly through the use of Design Sprints and agile product design

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I see that the world today, driven by technology is moving too fast to predict what design, product or business model will work. The command-and-control model that enabled companies to thrive in the 20th century is a flaw in the present wasting time and money.

I believe there is not enough learning from iteration in companies today. To better that I support product teams and executives through talks, workshops, coaching and consulting. I help them focus on human needs with a designer mindset.

This creates the environment for a culture that is resilient in constant change. Leaders can stop micromanaging and instead inspire teams to embrace nonlinear paths, experimentation, and collaboration. Allow them to design the future.

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The way we can work together

Digital Experience Design

In each project we solve problems together, but we can also take the opportunity to let people contribute, regardless of where they are – across functions, divisions, levels of seniority, and even beyond the formal boundaries of the organization by including your partners and suppliers.

How this works

Strategy and Innovation

There is no single, one-size-fits-all system that can address the needs of every organization. Every team has its own culture, a set of common values, and unique business challenges. Together we focus on your specific business problem never on method adherence or specific 'rules' of a framework. That's why in every project we'll tailor the set of methods to your specific needs based on consulting packages that make sense.

Digital Transformation

Designing a learning organization can look dreadful and magical if it works. In the end it's just plain hard teamwork. Exposing the magic of design accelerates projects, makes individual members grow in skill and knowledge and is a powerful driver towards resilience and culture change.

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My guiding principles

from years of experience designing successful products and services.


We will produce innovation in a repeatable "no-magic" way guided by frameworks that are tailored to the problem and structures that exist for maximum fit


Together we work with visual frameworks and in active visual collaboration to create solutions and team alignment faster than with written documents


Concise text precisely augments our visuals and helps to evade volumes of documentation minimizing time spent on documentation while keeping ambiguity low


Every file or asset of our custom process is accessible and free to use in other projects with or without my support for you, your team and the whole company


If we fail at something we address it without sugercoating or lengthy excuses but with reason and a viable solutions to learn from it and optimize our solution


As different experts are involved in your project everybody is informed about their role and clearly understand how they help to accomplish the set goals

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Over the past 18 years I have guided more than 100 firms and worked with even more outstanding teams. These are just a few of them

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete

R. Buckminster Fuller

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